Monday, August 31, 2009


Though at times I proceed with some trepidation with what I am unsure or unfamiliar with, I am a life long learner—more now than any other time in my life. I have been “bit” by the learning bug.

In my early educational career (high school & undergrad), I did well; I always liked school. But, was I really gleaning all that I could and truly learning? As an old adage indicates, much is wasted on the young. I believe that, as now, I see a difference in myself as a learner, as well as with the outcome. I am actively participating and benefiting from my learning. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?! After a long hiatus from formal learning (due to a few babies—but that is a learning experience in its own context), I now approach a new style of life long learning. The formal learning that I engage in creates a springboard to know and accomplish more.

What is the easiest? The idea of accepting responsibility for my own learning would be the easiest for me to promote. I already do it with a vengeance. Even when many told me perhaps I should wait until the kids were older to begin this venture, I went ahead of my own accord. I had already waited some time as it was just to have kids in order to get the career settled, how much longer should I wait? Besides furthering my formal education, I also partake in curriculum projects and voluntary staff development classes (the voluntary ones are more interesting than mandated ones as strange as that sounds).

What is the hardest? I believe there is a tie for that category. The idea of viewing problems as challenges and using technology to my advantage would be the hardest habits to break. Although I have made strides with both tendencies, they are still my most troublesome habits to break. In terms of technology, I am proud of the changes I have made within my professional and personal life such as utilizing a grading program, creating PowerPoint presentations, and finally using a digital camera just this year (I know, sad but true, I am single-handedly keeping film processing in business). But, I am still lagging behind in utilizing technology to its fullest advantage; I know there are many more tools available (perhaps flickr with my new digital camera?). In terms of viewing problems as challenges, I like to go into as I describe “freak out” mode when faced with new problems. Although I solve the problem and learn from it, I still have that moment of crisis before proceeding (my best friend will be happy when I hurdle that particular habit).

Nevertheless, I possess the habits of a lifelong learner.

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