Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I found K12 Learning 2.0: Tools for 21st Century Teaching & Learning at and (e)Learning 2.0 & Beyond's all about what can/will be at -----Both an adaption of classroom learning 2.0.
K12 learning even had “23 things” while the other had a series of assignments and micro lessons.

After reading a few different articles, the perspective of library 2.0 seems to be more than just providing and utilizing technology. There is also an interactive element; a user center, community collaboration of services provided through multi-media.

To me, Library 2.0 represents a movement toward better service and interaction with patrons through use of various tools of technology.
For schools, it means innovation and change utilizing more student centered technological techniques. Even technologically disadvantage schools can still create a user-centered environment. By taking advantage of the numerous free web services available, schools (and libraries) can become Library 2.0. My school is slowly embracing that concept. Of course, that would mean dropping some firewalls to provide access to those sites….for example-- youtube. Do you know how much can be introduced into the classroom with youtube alone?!?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Technorati is CRAZY! The number of blogs was outstanding. Now, when I searched “School Library Learning 2.0” and “Classroom Learning 2.0” using the quotation marks—surprisingly there were no results for school library and only 2 results for classroom learning (and not even the blog itself—very strange) Of course, when the quotes were removed, then the results went wild! I looked at the top 100 most popular blogs, concentrating on the top 10. As I looked at them on a Saturday afternoon, what I noticed is with the exception of only 1, the top 10 blogs pertained to technology and all had posts within the last 8 hours.

There are so many advantages to tagging. According to the book entitled Library 2.0 and beyond, edited by Nancy Courtney (p. 94-99, 2007), the organizational scheme that emerges from tagging, known as folksonomy, showcases the “network effect” that not only economically demonstrates user patterns but also remains fluid, current, multifaceted, and empowering. Tags are great to organize, focus, and pinpoint a particular topic of interest but there is free range on the tag terms. The disadvantages, as described by Courtney, are low precision rates, susceptibility to unethical use, and lack of synonym control. Therefore, something “tagged” might not be exactly what one is looking for or not all results will be shown --- that can be frustrating. However, with the amount of information available, it wouldn’t be necessary to locate every relevant item of a particular tag. As noted by Lee of Headshift (2005), “the trade off between simplicity and precision makes sense."
Sounds good to me. :)

Monday, September 28, 2009


My bookmarks are everywhere. There is ZERO organization. Everytime I find something I want to remember, I book mark it, wherever I am at the time. So…..Some are at the computer in school, some on the laptop, and others on the family computer….to go to a single site and pull up everything is a time saver. Truth be told, I have even done searches to figure out the URL address to some of my favorite sites. But not only does delicious keep all bookmarks in one place, there is the added pleasure of finding more great sites that others use!

While using the SJlibraryLearning2 account, bookmarks are being added on a daily basis, I had found a great site entitled Top 10 Sites for Educators. Immediately, I check it out and bookmark it (albeit the traditional way-but that will change SOON). Due to delicious, I found a site I otherwise would have never found.

Libraries can take advantage of this site by creating bookmarks for particular topics, as well as introduce patrons to this useful tool. Users can add to the bookmarks as well.

Friday, September 25, 2009


This tool would be helpful in libraries as part of their pathfinders and within ibraries for particular projects of teachers. Rather than have students aimlessly search, with rollyo, they can search predetermined sites. Students still have to search but there is now more focused and safer for them. That’s why I created a search roll for my classes to use for their 3rd marking period Modern Europe projects. My next task would be to make one for their other outstanding projects.

While discovering rollyo, the sites are listed for the different “high rollers” or “most used,” but unless you have something to specifically search, the “play” falls short. Helpful tool nonetheless.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Web winners:

Reading through the web awards made me realize how many tools are out there that I do not use, nor even knew about. It was an amazing list... no wonder there is internet addiction (see my post to giddy librarian).

I liked having the winners condensed so it was easy to click and check them all out.
I spent a lot of time with
I loved the tools offers for teachers but not so happy about seeing essays on there for students to help themselves to…but, sorry to say, I now have another place to look if I am feeling suspicious.

Ning was interesting. To be able to connect on a particular topic and learn/share ideas with others is certainly a great concept. I looked at classroom 2.0 as well as various educational innovative sites. It was very difficult to decide where to join. I think I am going with either classroom 2.0 or teachers 2.0. I noticed some of the groups were by invitation only and groups had the ability to moderate or even ban people from their network in order to keep high standards of the topic at hand.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Glad I finally started using my digital camera...otherwise I would have no pictures to play with. But you will have to bear with me, the only pictures I have are of my girls. This was FUN! The girls REALLY enjoyed seeing their faces on different frames from imagechef ( I had to kick the girls out of the room or I was never going to be able to stop. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

And with comic strip generator...there's a fun way to send messages to students

Thursday, September 10, 2009


After browsing the suggested sites, I would just like to say…….THERE ARE TOO MANY PLAYERS ON THE FIELD!!

Way too much was confusing for me, while the other sites I got lost in all they had to offer. I can see the positive in the sites overall, a focused search area but….right now, I am overwhelmed!

On a side note, I did enjoy looking at the blog winners...interesting.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


With RSS feeds, rather than scouring various sites multiple times a day, all web content is directed into 1 place. This is a real time saver. Personally, I do not know why I initially balked at using a feed. Everyday, after logging onto the computer, I check numerous sites for the recipe of the day, news updates, and other topics of interest. With RSS, all updates come to me.

This tool would work well in schools and libraries. Specifically, with RSS feeds, resources would not have to be continually updated and through Google Reader, a database of the specific subscribed feeds is created. This in turn can be search, limiting the “wide web” search to that of only subscribed feeds.

Pretty cool even if it does remind me of M.T. Anderson’s novel, The Feed.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Rather than chat about a specific tool, I wanted to address the Internet in a few different perspectives. With the new school year in full swing, a particular discussion with my students always emerges………….

In my 9th grade Social Studies classes, a discussion of copyright emerged (as it does every year when I tell my students they must included a works cited/reference page with all research papers/projects.) They inquired why they would need a reference page when they would be finding all their information on the Internet. It seems high school students do not realize that even websites are to be cited, as it is NOT THEIR WORDS (extra emphasis due my frustration as they were sooooo adamant with their beliefs). This of course led to the cautious reminder of the web in general. This reminder included they should evaluate websites as anyone can create WebPages, as well as be cautious with their own personal information they make public. That reminder earned me some eye rolling.

Although the Internet offers many innovative tools for teachers and students, it still is a powerful and persuasive device. Students should have more courses dealing with Internet safety as well as for utilizing the dynamic tools that it offers.


What great tools!! And fun, too! trading cards, magazine covers, motivational posters—I LOVE IT! Here comes the creativity issues again—I FREEZE! So much to create makes the mind go blank…but I can envision the endless possibilities—decorate my classroom, be the creative mom for invitations and photo gifts
Now, I know I probably should have made a “librarian trading card” but how can I resist with my girls hanging over…and plus, they are much cuter than me! Won’t Grandma & Grandpa just love it?? Check it out!

Monday, September 7, 2009


Interesting site…never really looked at it before…if you join a group, it’s more than just sharing pictures as ideas come out within the comments…
Plus through flickr, a pictorial how-to can be created such as the “how to bake a cheeseburger cupcakes” Check out the link … look at the finished product.

This was very cool—step by step instruction depicted in mini photos only. The outcome looks DELICIOUS!

I am seriously considering creating an account, now all I have to do is take more digital pictures…….

Classroom THING 4

Not only have I created this blog of technology discovery (leading me to, of course, classroom innovation), but I am now sharing it with my classmates as we learn together. GO CLASS - WE ROCK!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Creating the avatar was fun (choices, choices, choices—what to wear, accessories, backgrounds, oh my!)—This was something I didn’t know about…and low and behold, it exported—I surprised myself! And may I add—my avatar is a classy chick :)