Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I found K12 Learning 2.0: Tools for 21st Century Teaching & Learning at and (e)Learning 2.0 & Beyond's all about what can/will be at -----Both an adaption of classroom learning 2.0.
K12 learning even had “23 things” while the other had a series of assignments and micro lessons.

After reading a few different articles, the perspective of library 2.0 seems to be more than just providing and utilizing technology. There is also an interactive element; a user center, community collaboration of services provided through multi-media.

To me, Library 2.0 represents a movement toward better service and interaction with patrons through use of various tools of technology.
For schools, it means innovation and change utilizing more student centered technological techniques. Even technologically disadvantage schools can still create a user-centered environment. By taking advantage of the numerous free web services available, schools (and libraries) can become Library 2.0. My school is slowly embracing that concept. Of course, that would mean dropping some firewalls to provide access to those sites….for example-- youtube. Do you know how much can be introduced into the classroom with youtube alone?!?

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  1. YES, interactivity predated web 2.0, but the new clothes do make it seem more glamourous