Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Technorati is CRAZY! The number of blogs was outstanding. Now, when I searched “School Library Learning 2.0” and “Classroom Learning 2.0” using the quotation marks—surprisingly there were no results for school library and only 2 results for classroom learning (and not even the blog itself—very strange) Of course, when the quotes were removed, then the results went wild! I looked at the top 100 most popular blogs, concentrating on the top 10. As I looked at them on a Saturday afternoon, what I noticed is with the exception of only 1, the top 10 blogs pertained to technology and all had posts within the last 8 hours.

There are so many advantages to tagging. According to the book entitled Library 2.0 and beyond, edited by Nancy Courtney (p. 94-99, 2007), the organizational scheme that emerges from tagging, known as folksonomy, showcases the “network effect” that not only economically demonstrates user patterns but also remains fluid, current, multifaceted, and empowering. Tags are great to organize, focus, and pinpoint a particular topic of interest but there is free range on the tag terms. The disadvantages, as described by Courtney, are low precision rates, susceptibility to unethical use, and lack of synonym control. Therefore, something “tagged” might not be exactly what one is looking for or not all results will be shown --- that can be frustrating. However, with the amount of information available, it wouldn’t be necessary to locate every relevant item of a particular tag. As noted by Lee of Headshift (2005), “the trade off between simplicity and precision makes sense."
Sounds good to me. :)

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