Monday, September 28, 2009


My bookmarks are everywhere. There is ZERO organization. Everytime I find something I want to remember, I book mark it, wherever I am at the time. So…..Some are at the computer in school, some on the laptop, and others on the family computer….to go to a single site and pull up everything is a time saver. Truth be told, I have even done searches to figure out the URL address to some of my favorite sites. But not only does delicious keep all bookmarks in one place, there is the added pleasure of finding more great sites that others use!

While using the SJlibraryLearning2 account, bookmarks are being added on a daily basis, I had found a great site entitled Top 10 Sites for Educators. Immediately, I check it out and bookmark it (albeit the traditional way-but that will change SOON). Due to delicious, I found a site I otherwise would have never found.

Libraries can take advantage of this site by creating bookmarks for particular topics, as well as introduce patrons to this useful tool. Users can add to the bookmarks as well.

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  1. I agree that this is such a valuable tool!! Like you, I have different bookmarks on different computers! It is really nice to find new websites this way.