Monday, September 7, 2009


Interesting site…never really looked at it before…if you join a group, it’s more than just sharing pictures as ideas come out within the comments…
Plus through flickr, a pictorial how-to can be created such as the “how to bake a cheeseburger cupcakes” Check out the link … look at the finished product.

This was very cool—step by step instruction depicted in mini photos only. The outcome looks DELICIOUS!

I am seriously considering creating an account, now all I have to do is take more digital pictures…….


  1. Doreen,

    I was thinking about using Flickr to do step by step instructions for a task here at our library, but I was thinking a podcast or video would be more effective than step by step pics. How did you happen upon the cheeseburger pics? I think this will work well for recipes, though.

  2. I found this particular step by step as it was showcased on the flckr blog (How to bake cheeseburger cupcakes by KateDW but I found other step by step photos when searching recipes (such as my Bran's Chocolate cake recipe by electrolyte2006. Definitely a great visual.