Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Web winners:

Reading through the web awards made me realize how many tools are out there that I do not use, nor even knew about. It was an amazing list... no wonder there is internet addiction (see my post to giddy librarian).

I liked having the winners condensed so it was easy to click and check them all out.
I spent a lot of time with http://www.docstoc.com/
I loved the tools offers for teachers but not so happy about seeing essays on there for students to help themselves to…but, sorry to say, I now have another place to look if I am feeling suspicious.

Ning was interesting. To be able to connect on a particular topic and learn/share ideas with others is certainly a great concept. I looked at classroom 2.0 as well as various educational innovative sites. It was very difficult to decide where to join. I think I am going with either classroom 2.0 or teachers 2.0. I noticed some of the groups were by invitation only and groups had the ability to moderate or even ban people from their network in order to keep high standards of the topic at hand.

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  1. good that you noticed the invitation only aspect of some nings; a good example of social networking