Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Rather than chat about a specific tool, I wanted to address the Internet in a few different perspectives. With the new school year in full swing, a particular discussion with my students always emerges………….

In my 9th grade Social Studies classes, a discussion of copyright emerged (as it does every year when I tell my students they must included a works cited/reference page with all research papers/projects.) They inquired why they would need a reference page when they would be finding all their information on the Internet. It seems high school students do not realize that even websites are to be cited, as it is NOT THEIR WORDS (extra emphasis due my frustration as they were sooooo adamant with their beliefs). This of course led to the cautious reminder of the web in general. This reminder included they should evaluate websites as anyone can create WebPages, as well as be cautious with their own personal information they make public. That reminder earned me some eye rolling.

Although the Internet offers many innovative tools for teachers and students, it still is a powerful and persuasive device. Students should have more courses dealing with Internet safety as well as for utilizing the dynamic tools that it offers.


  1. I'm sure that copyright issues will become a more prominent part of instruction as the dust settles around all the new forms of access students have.

  2. I agree that digital citizenship needs more emphasis -- particularly since it can have a positive spin: contributing to society