Saturday, October 10, 2009


What I found interesting was the different ways wikis were used. I viewed collaborative student study pages, innovative staff use in order to keep track of procedures and assess needs, and a library using it to showcase books and conduct a book chat. Each of these examples show amazing creative use of the wiki tool—the endless possibilities. School & libraries can use wikis within pathfinders, student projects or administratively to keep everyone on the same page. I liked the comparative feature in addition to the fact that it records when updates take place and by who; it eliminates the need to sign off on the work that was done. It is simple to make changes when needed. Pretty cool.

As a side note, wikis, specifically Wikipedia, often come under attack due to its lack of accountability. Basically, anyone can edit or post information without any regard to credentials. This lack of accountability has led the wiki creators to create a new form of Wikipedia known as Citizendium, where authors must register their names/affiliations and subject matter experts serve as editors. This information was gleaned from the Shelly Cashman Series, Integrating Technology and Digital Media in the Classroom (2008, p. 194).

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