Monday, October 19, 2009


With the “digital generation,” they are certainly more mobile and prefer to access their information in a variety of ways. My students have expressed a desire for their text book to be online…certainly on par with the concept of the ebook. Besides despising carrying a heavy, oversized textbook, today’s students prefer and are comfortable with the online connection (unlike myself who does enjoy holding a book while I read, the screen just doesn’t do it for me). With an online version, perhaps more students would do their assignments…at least “I forgot my textbook” would be an excuse of the past.

In exploring ebooks, the British Library Online Gallery ( was amazing. Classic books can be viewed in its original form—amazing! I looked at sketches from Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook, the first atlas of Europe, Mozart’s library, a Renaissance masterpiece…all PERFECT for the classroom. The pages of the book are turned with a simple click (or if shockwave plug is available, it can seem as though the operator is “turning” the pages with the icon), pages can be enlarged, and audio is included!
How cool is that?!?

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