Sunday, October 11, 2009


I went onto the CL2.0 sandbox wiki and found it very easy to navigate. I made an addition to the page without any problem and even added a link. I was able to see the last time the page had been altered as date and time is stamped with the entry. The pages of the wiki were shown on the home page and all I had to do was click. No problem.
The link I added to the wiki was my 1st attempt at a webquest. Check it out--only part I didn't like was no space between my numbered directions.


In addition to the ideas I previously mention in regards to various ways to utilize a wiki (pathfinder, group projects, administratively), there are some great additional ideas I read about in the Shelly Cashman Series, Integrating Technology and Digital Media in the Classroom (2008). They include pseudo web site for students to create, facilitating group collaboration, repository for content, display projects whereas students can share reviews and commentary (p. 193). These are great ideas. Personally, I foresee the use of a wiki eliminating the issue of slackers within group work; the edits/work is all shown. My next group project with my students is going to center around a wiki. Wish me luck :)

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  1. yes, great way to wed individual accountability and gruop work