Saturday, October 31, 2009

Assistive Technology (AT) INTRODUCTION

As a teacher, I am presented with a large group of students with varying needs and must provide for each individual. Therefore, in terms of assistive technology (AT), I would like to know the various technological aids available that would allow my students to be more successful and how I can incorporate their AT needs into a mainstream classroom. In addition, I would like to know the modifications and adaptations available to accommodate my students. One size DOES NOT fit all when it comes to teaching & reaching students. The modifications that can be discovered will ultimately benefit the class in its entirety, not just those in need of AT.

For the habits of a life long learner, I live and breathe the notion. I presently have an end result (and after that is achieved, I will redefine and continue to another level), it is my quest and my quest only as I willingly accept the challenge (with just minor stressing out moments), I know I can do this-I am confident (but a little encouragement from my best friend is ALWAYS welcomed). As I continue my journey my “tools” increase as I have more in my arsenal now then as a young undergrad student and teacher. Furthermore, technology is slowly becoming my friend (although I am still somewhat behind the curve but I will catch up), and most important, I know how to play and I PLAY hard. I continue to encompass the habits of a lifelong learner. I read, listen, inquire, search, take classes to name just a few. There is so much I want to know and so much I want to do.

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