Monday, October 12, 2009


Well, it isn’t called “productivity” for nothing. What I liked about Zoho was the mobility without the saving tools (flash drive, CD, disk). I can jump from computer to computer without my flash drive. (and in my school, that is exactly what one does, there is nothing to call your own, survival is all about your ability to go from room to room and computer to computer with multiple people accessing and potentially causing damage). I don’t have to worry about ever forgetting the flash drive again (which has happen leading me to create “Plan B” on the spot for multiple classes as I had ZERO access to my PowerPoints, lesson plans, or worksheets with the flash drive sitting at my on personal computer AT HOME). Using Zoho for my lesson plans will also allow easier access for my administrators as well; plans have to be submitted anyway, so here they are ready for viewing (Not to mention, the collaboration feature that is inherent which may work quite nicely in the planning/writing department).

I published the outline I created using the writing features. The world can see it...or at least anyone with the URL. Check it out:

As wonderful as the Zoho tool was, there were limitations that I discovered. (The site calls itself a “work in progress” so, of course, I love that). Obviously, online access is necessary and there are some features of Word that were not available. Although, there is an offline feature, that might not always be a feasible option. However, the ability to import the documents you have already created is a very big positive.

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