Saturday, October 17, 2009


I have used YouTube before to watch music videos more than anything else. Occasionally I have looked for a “how-to” video. But this was the first time actually investigating the site…and surprisingly, I have found A LOT more that is offered by the site. I liked how the home page displays videos being watched at that moment, featured videos and the most popular paired down by category. Searching videos is easy with the search bar making suggestions. Once a video is chosen for viewing, related videos are displayed on the side allowing old favorites and new discoveries to be made.

YouTube offers many educational features such as the “how-to” videos or a variety of shows including documentaries (professional as well as “other”). Full length episodes are offered or small video clips that can showcase a point of view, both being perfect for class. I was surprised to find PBS specials on empires and cultures that would be perfect for class (EXCEPT YOUTUBE IS BLOCKED in my district).

Beside the documentary videos (which is too long to imbed in a blog), I searched for some original creations and found the “Librarian Song.” The video fits the focus of this learning experience, as well as a different view of librarians. My best friend will get a kick out of this. Just a word to those who are anxious, fast forward the clip 1 minute, the song will start about then. Here's the link and enjoy the video. :)

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  1. Doreen,

    I know that many school districts have much of the internet blocked using filters. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for any teacher who wants to use technology to enhance and improve their lessons. It could drive me crazy if I get school district job since I have spent five years now working at a college where we have no filters. (Thank, goodness!)