Friday, November 20, 2009


• Browse through online sites like EnableMart and discover other types of assistive technology solutions. Write an entry in your journal or post to your blog about solutions that would be useful additions at your school or workplace.
EnableMart is filled to the brim with assistive technology. The most practical solution would be to create an accessible work station within the library. Useful additions at my school would be:
1. Supernova Reader/Magnifier which offers magnification, speech and Braille support, giving people with visual impairment the freedom to access Windows in the way that suits them best. This takes the place of the various software offered to enlarge the screen and/or provide screen reading.

2. Touch screen “replace” the standard computer mouse by allowing direct interaction with the screen with a finger, pen or other pointing device. These products can be used by individuals who have difficulty manipulating a mouse.
3. Large print keyboard/desktop magnifier

4. Learning software such as the visual software, Inspiration and writing help with ClaroRead Plus.

Discover how to implement simple accommodations in various situations. Write about three (3) such situations and how you might change the environment to assist your student or co-worker.
1. Allow students to type homework and outlines/students can record lectures to listen and transcribe later.

2. When student takes exams provided extended time, offer option to have questions verbally given, and exams can be delivered in student’s preferred modality (spoken, typed) rather than traditional pen/paper.

3. Provide textbooks on tape and enlarge print of all handout materials.

• Identify and comment, in your own words, about any of the websites referenced above that you found particularly helpful in developing your knowledge about assistive technology.
This site provides links to many adaptive computer products, broken down by category, as well as literature, programs, and funding sources.
The AT Basic Modules provide general assistive technology information on a variety of related uses for elementary students with disabilities. They include links to tutorials on the setup and use of several products as well as links to related resources. This was a GREAT SITE and very easy to navigate.
Provides information about many available assistive technologies.

• What are your thoughts about the different types of hardware. Comment on each on your blog or in your journal.
The various types of hardware have made a great impact on the lives of people afflicted with muscular or neurological disorders. The changes in hardware have provided many advantages in some cases a sense of independence. As the videos have shown, a computer can be manipulated with one’s head or feet, rather than the traditional (and sometimes uncooperative) mouse. With this, independence can be attained for individuals as they can operate the computer on their own. In addition, assistive technology allows students to interact in mainstream settings.

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