Friday, November 20, 2009


• Write a needs assessment and justification for hardware that would be suitable for use in your Library or Classroom. Include it in your school or district technology plan.

1) Identify a possible population with special needs (state why that's a good group to choose).

Students with learning disabilities (dyslexia and Central Auditory Processing Disorder) struggle with schoolwork regardless of their intellectual abilities. They require specialized learning modes in order to meet their potential, avoid self-esteem problems and behavioral difficulties. Furthermore, the school recently failed to meet the AYP (adequate yearly progress) for 2 consecutive years for special education students under the terms of No Child Left Behind. Moreover, many of these additions would help the student population as a whole.

2) Answer the questions on their behalf found on, keeping in mind use as it applies to your chosen library.
Why do you want to use technology?
Promote multisensory learning, allow visual transfer, utilization of type written exercises, provide organization, editing applications (including spell check), taped texts that provide for simultaneous reading and listening, organization
For what activities will you be using technology?
Complete assignments, increase understanding, self tutoring, drill & practice, alternate assessment, added mobility, organization, self editing for improved writing
How are you completing these activities now?
Without the use of technology—laborious and frustrating handwritten exercises, written planner, handheld dictionaries, classroom text as only option to content
Consider your daily routine. When and how often would you use technology throughout a typical day?
During class activities, homework, study hall time….at least 6-9 hours
What goals do you plan on achieving by using technology?
Increase understanding, successful completion of assessment, on time task completion, maintain independence, and increase overall achievement
Are these environments accessible for technology?
Lab can be created in library, classroom can house single computers, individual students with hand led devices will blend with the routine
Time saving, more focused

3) Go to the MS right tech site for appropriate tech tools.
According to
Technology Tools assist students by "leveling the playing field". Students with dyslexia are better able to compensate using technology tools while learning to spell, read, write, and communicate according to H. Lee Swanson, Ph.D. University of California - Riverside.
Helpful Technology tools:
Talking organizer, Spellchecker and dictionaries, screen readers, scanners, MP3 player, audio ebooks, typing tutorials, digital handheld organizers, word processing (laptops/Alpha smarts)

4) Decide which tools would be feasible and why (e.g., cost, availability, training needs, etc.).

Feasible tools available for loan and/or lab-classroom set up:
Neo/Dana (similar to laptop)
MP3 Player
Spell Checker
Large Screen
Large Keyboards
Update/more Computers

Justification: All items would not require training, would enhance the learning environment and increase student achievement. They are efficient, affordabile, portable, multi functional, meet the needs of a variety of students, and will created a varied learning environment.

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